what we do

delivering bespoke solutions

We help schools, colleges, universities, governments, NGOs, associations and companies achieve their aspirational goals by maximising their potential. We provide powerful and sustainable solutions. Our service is based on commitment and dedication. Our principle guide is strategy. To compete in today’s dynamic global market, strategy is of essence.

how we do it

To ensure that your needs are met in the best possible manner, we use: a systems approach to analyse the problem at hand and to provide you with the most comprehensive solution; scenario analysis to evaluate all possible solutions and understand the outcomes in a holistic manner; design thinking to enrich the creative process and engage all stakeholders in the viable solution.

Before we take on your assignment, we ask that your institution or organisation becomes a member of IIEA so that we can administer your file and ensure that our 5-step relationship process is co-ordinated efficiently. Our 5-step process encompasses: needs analysis to fully understand your requirements; associate matching to ensure that the best possible expert is assigned your project; engagement to carry out the work; evaluation to ensure that your needs have been met; follow-up to continue the dialogue with you in the immediate and long term

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We are here to help you compete and to succeed.

our tools

Our strategy is built upon four pillars – research, innovation, transformation and empowerment. These four pillars define our toolkit and guide our work. Our solutions are sustainable because they are customised for each client’s needs. We do not provide off-the-shelf quick fixes!

We meticulously research the problem and your needs and develop custom innovations that are specific to your needs. We are guided by our mission to build capacity on the ground, by transferring knowledge and skills to you and your educational environment in a dynamic and self-actualizing way that enables an empowering transformation.


  • needs analysis
  • feasibility studies
  • situational analysis
  • impact assessment
  • diversity and inclusion


  • strategic planning
  • model schools
  • branch campuses
  • internationalisation
  • partnerships


  • school improvement
  • curriculum development
  • education reform
  • sustainability
  • change management


  • capacity-building
  • teacher-training
  • leader development
  • management upskilling
  • coaching and mentoring