Code of Conduct


All our Associates are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct in their dealings with clients.  In pursuing their assignments, Associates shall:

  1. 1.  Endeavour to give clients balanced advice that is aimed at achieving the objectives of the assignment in the most efficient and effective manner
  2. 2.  Maintain high standards while conducting themselves with both personal and professional integrity and respect
  3. 3.  Ensure that the interests of the client are put ahead of their own personal and/or professional interests
  4. 4.  Exercise independence of thought and act in ways that are ethical
  5. 5.  Be sensitive to cultural norms and/or idiosyncrasies of the environment in which they are working
  6. 6.  Hold themselves accountable for the outcomes and quality of their work
  7. 7.  Show flexibility where necessary in order to achieve the objectives of the assignment in the most cost-efficient manner
  8. 8.  Put the universal values of education at the forefront of any assignment undertaken;
  9. 9.  Take on only those assignments for which they are suitably qualified
  10. 10. Ensure that the resources they have at their disposal are sufficient to carry out the assignment
  11. 11. Detail clearly the terms and conditions of the assignment and confirm these in writing (including the scope of the assignment, nature and period of the work to be undertaken, the allocation of both human and physical resources, and the basis for remuneration)
  12. 12. Negotiate contracts of service with transparency and flexibility to arrive at agreements that are beneficial to the both the Associate and the client
  13. 13. Consider the client’s requirements from a legal and ethical point of view before taking action
  14. 14. Ensure that the client is aware of who is carrying out the work at all times and in the case of sub-contracting, ensure that there is prior agreement of the client
  15. 15. Maintain a strict code of confidentiality regarding client information unless the client has released the information for public use or has given specific permission for its disclosure;
  16. 16. Ensure communication with the client is consistent and constant so that the client is kept abreast of actions and/or intentions with regard to the assignment
  17. 17. Exercise sound project management procedures that include careful planning, regular progress reviews, effective controls and revisions where necessary
  18. 18. Show adaptability in the face of unexpected changes of circumstances of the client and/or the environment in which the client is located
  19. 19. Reveal any conflicts of interest that may hinder them from carrying out their tasks
  20. 20. Be open and upfront with the client in disclosing any significant changes in the scope of the assignment and/or the desired outcomes that may arise in the course of carrying out the assignment.

This Code of Conduct should be used as a resource to guide Associates in achieving the highest quality of service.  It is highly recommended that Associates reveal to clients their adherence to this Code of Conduct and invite them to assess the performance Associates through the Quality Assurance of Service form.